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A Little Book of Nurses’ Rules

“Trust me, you can make lots of people smile with this!”
G. Kyllo

This text contains over 300 rules, observations, tips and clinical wisdom to assist nurses of all ages, as well as nursing students, in developing their skills. What is the real stuff of nursing? What are its essential elements? What is helpful and what is harmful in interactions with patients? This book answers those questions, and does so with a sense of humour.


“I discovered this little book many years ago at an education seminar and fell in love with it. There's truly something for every nurse in the book, new nurses get the benefit of more seasoned practitioners, older nurses can be reminded of why we really got into this field. It's perfect for hospital nurses, specialists, office nurses, school nurses, too. It makes a perfect "little gift" for the nurse who was so good to you in the hospital (you can gift all the nurses with just one package!), or the one in your doctor's office who takes extra time with you. Trust me, you can make lots of people smile with this!”


Gena Kyllo

“I enjoy this book as a quick reminder of some of the things I tend to forget when things get busy. Some of the stuff is silly and some stuff I disagree with & it is occasionaly preachy but on the whole it hits the mark. I love "signs of a bad shift..." & live by "there are only 3 ways to answer a question..."

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