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Med School: Tales from the Toughest Years of a Medical Career

“Dr. Meador's compassion and extraordinary sense of humor 
combine to give him an inimitable voice”

B. R. Speir

Fifty years before Resident Life became a reality television show on The Learning Channel, Clifton Meador lived, breathed, and sometimes slept the life of a med student at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Meador recalls those days in a fascinating and entertaining memoir, packed with stories, vignettes, and experiences that capture a time and place gone by. Med School celebrates the joy of learning, the excitement of medical discovery, and the adverture of caring for patients in a setting that helped shape modern medicine. While Med School will resonate with medical practitioners, its sheer charm will appeal to anyone who enjoys a wonderfully told story.


“In reading this enthralling book, one is taken step by step through the education and life of a medical student and young doctor. You will laugh and you will cry. This is an exciting and entertaining memoir. It is filled with true stories, vignettes and experiences that will make you understand how doctors are created and why they are like they are. He pays tribute to his patients, as well as, his professors as eminent teachers. Dr. Meador's compassion and extraordinary sense of humor combine to give him an inimitable that leads you rapidly through the book... When you finish you wish it had not ended so soon.....”


Betty Ruth Speir

“I love this little book. Of course the fact that I was in med school in Birmingham, AL about the same time author Meador was in med school in Nashville, TN, probably has a lot to do with that. Although some of the content is historical, and some frankly hysterically funny, this is how the American doctors of the past 50 years were trained. It behooves patients to try to understand this as they work on their own patient-physician relationships. Yes, medicine has changed a lot, but Meador's tales suggest that med school, in essence, may not have changed much. We have published an excerpt chapter of Med School at [...] if the Amazon reader wants to taste before buying. ”

George D. Lundberg

“If medicine is your avocation as well as your vocation, you read books like this. And his are always pleasant. ”

Susan W. Hawn

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